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New Book, New Story, New Art

There's lots going on in celebration of my latest novel, Queen of Thorns.

Not only has Paizo posted a sample chapter, they've also arranged for the preceding four chapters to go up at sites like Black Gate, Flames Rising, and SFSignal. That means you can read a good 1/6 of the book for free. Start here for links to the entire scavenger hunt.

Also, today begins the four-part weekly serial story "Killing Time." It doesn't matter whether you read it before Queen of Thorns, but if you're a stickler for chronology, read it first. Here's a link to the first chapter.

Tomorrow Paizo posts a Q&A with me, along with a beautiful wallpaper for your computer monitor. It'll appear here sometime around noon tomorrow. 

Tomorrow night around 7:00 Pacific Time I'll appear at the Paizo chat room to discuss Queen of Thorns and other Pathfinder Tales matters. We'll have both a Spoiler-Free and a Massive Spoilers room. You can join one or both. Here's the link to the chat room.

Upcoming events include more podcasts and a Reddit AMA. I've spread out across several online social networks, but a good hub for announcements remains my Twitter feed @frabjousdave.

Kung Fu Countdown

In anticipation of the release of Master of Devils in August, I'm blogging some of my favorite wuxia movies at my Blogspot page. Please take a peek, and leave a comment if the spirit takes you.
A note on the influence of movies on my work, and what I'll be reading at PaizoCon.

May. 16th, 2011

Lunch on Friday is a go, noon at Mexico in PP.

First SIFF Weekend Schedule

I'm banking on "wrecked" for my arrival Thursday evening, but if I manage to sleep on the dog, then I will be up for a midnight screening of Pirates. Assuming some of my Seattle friends can manage the ridiculous hour. Please ping me (preferably in email or via Facebook) if you'd like to meet up for one of these films or for a bite between screenings. Please don't text my phone, as I won't be using the data roaming.

I'm game for lunch anywhere between the Market and PP.

Pacific Place
Ex  1:30
Venice  4:00

Submarine  7:00
Outrage  9:30
Trollhunter 11:59

Breakfast at Joe Bar (across from the Harvard Exit cinema) at 8:30-9:00.

A Quiet Life 11:00
Our Life  1:30
Another Earth 6:30
Perfect Sense 9:15
John Carpenter's The Ward 11:59

I won't bank on breakfast this morning, since there are two late nights before this morning.

Secret Festival 11:00
Four More Years 1:30

SIFF Cinema
Hooked  4:00

Pacific Place
Crying Out  6:30*
Bi, Don't Be Afraid 9:30

* Films most likely to skip if I need a break.

Author Pages

While I'll probably never abandon Livejournal, I'm more active on Facebook. There and on Blogspot I've consolidated my writing and publishing posts.

If you've the yen, please take a peek and comment at http://frabjousdave.blogspot.com. It's pretty bare-bones stuff, so I welcome suggestions.

SIFF & Paizocon

When my renewed passport surprisingly arrived on time, I managed to catch Paizocon but none of the Seattle International Film Festival last year.

Since they overlap this year, and Lindy gifted me a SIFF membership a few months back, I've made plans to spend about three weeks in the Seattle area, which means the long awaited 8th annual 40th birthday cocktails are on.

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